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Maxmoremusic is a music production company that specialises in creating original soundtracks for film or advertising projects, television programs, documentaries, radio and other forms of commercial media.


“We offer our clients unique and creative solutions tailored to their needs, guaranteeing professionalism, creativity and passion”.



We are able to handle all types of projects, whether they are low or big budget productions, and thanks to Internet file transfer, we can reach clients worldwide.

Each project is analysed in great detail in order to completely understand the spirit and emotions that the score needs to convey.

Total respect for deadlines and setting your needs as our top priority make us reliable partners.

This is why our working philosophy has always proved to be successful in the past.


Maxmoremusic is a creative studio where traditional musical language meets the challenges offered by new technology, thereby generating the originality and versatility that are essential in order to tackle successfully any creative project.

Our musical expertise together with our experience, allow us to create a wide variety of scores for big orchestras and/or electronic music, offering our clients multiple musical solutions.


We put great passion into creating a musical score that interacts perfectly with the moving image, enhancing the message and emotions that the project wants to convey. Great importance is given to detail in order to find the best solutions.

This is why we throw ourselves heart and soul into each project.

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